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Related post: Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 19:37:31 -0700 (PDT) From: Taylor Burgett Subject: pup part 1-4Shit not now, here I am stranded in the middle of nowhere no money no job stuck living with my parents.  24years old college grad "what a waste of my time in this economy" and now my car broke down.  On a deserted road in north Texas half way between Houston and Dallas on my way to a job interview had to borrow money to even get this far, and now my car is a paper wait on the I45 freeway.What am I going to do no I thought to myself when top sexlola net bbs suddenly I saw headlight coming down the road so bright I'm nearly blinded."looks like u could use some lol no nude nymphets help" came search lolita free pic a gruff voice from the cab of  what I could now see was a tow truck "yea sure could Sir" I said over  the rumble of his engine "Sir, I like that" said the stranger as he  shut the engine offAs he stepped out of the truck I was dump struck he must have been about 6'7" good muscular build looked like a brick wall the springs orbita starmedia com lolita in the truck groaned as he got out.What's the problem pup "pup preteen lolita xxx pictures did he just call me pup" "um well I don't real know Sir it just died an hr ago Gage says full on gas but it won't turn over" he looks at me like I'm dumber them shit then looks under the hood well pup looks like I cracked the head and threw a rod" "there it was again. Who is he calling pup?"Shit I said out loud I can't afford this sounds like it will cost a fortune to fix Sir" he   eyes me up and down like a piece of meat I feel so ***** standing there being looked over like I'm for sale."Shit here I thought it would be a blaring day driving this deserted part of I45 but here I am standing sweet little lolita pussy in front of what could be my free lovely lolita thumbs life's dream" as I pulled lolita s naked hairy over to a stranded car I notice him as soon as I laid eyes on him I wanted him bent over my hood as I ass raped his hole "sorry sorry getting off topic" there he was standing next to his car on a cell phone probably calling his mommy "I'll fix that" I thought suppressing my dripping hard on for him I got out of the cad "Sir, at least the pup has manners" after I find out what's wrong with his car he looks dumb struck and scared I knew it right where I want himI looked at the man towering over even my 6'5" frame "look russian school little lolita Mister uhhh what's your name again I must have missed it" I squeaked thru my parched through "you can just call my Sir for now" the man said I was a little taken from this but my cock responded with a twitch and drool."I'm sorry to have bothered you but I have no money or job to pay for repairs, I was on my way to an interview in Dallas when this happens it always happens to me" I blurted out before thinking (shit I thought what's this guy going to think of me now) he looks me up and down again like a steak "Well pup this is your lucky day my shift is about over and I do live nearby, I can't just let you bake out here in the heat now can I" oh I thought I'm going to have some fun I finally found the one at least I hope????? All you one handed typers need to know about me is my name is Sir to everyone but my mother.  I've built a business with auto repair, but my first and true love is the Master/slave trade don't even start with that antislavery bull shit it still happens here in the south weather u like it or not.Before I knew it "sir" had my car on jp bbs 3d lolicon the back of his toe and we where off to his house god knows where that is.  "so you were going for a job interview?" he asked politely "yea I lost my job at the airport in Houston when it went union, company could not afford to keep so many workers' with the unions high demands.shit pup that's terrible" he said in a friendly voice the conversation went on about this and that mostly about me and my family if I had and close family, a girl friend (I could not come up with the balls to tell him I was gay) the drive was horrible took about an hour to get to his home and in the Texas heat I was stuck to his leather seat my clothes soaked thru I asked about turning on the A/C but he said it we broken.  Must have been half an hr into the drive I nodded off cutting our conversation short(Shit this kid is hot) I thought love dirty blond hair and those deep blue eyes reminds me of my dog from growing up, glad I kept the air off this pup is sweating right thru his clothes (like he'll have them much longer) secret dark lolita bbs he's a little on the russian lolita boys bbs fat side if I had to guess about 6'5" maybe 290 not much muscle but that can be fixed.Thinking about all the nasty perverted things I'd russian lolita art models do to him got me so fucking hard on the drive I was born in Texas use to the heat I could see a little tent in his shorts forming as he sat there sleeping not well endowed but I can live with that, new bbs biz lolita I come to a red light on the fetter lane and decide I'm way to fucking horny I ls magazine fashion lolita unzipped my 501s and unsnap my cod piece from my cat suite I have on under natural loli angels play the clothes. My 9" fuck stick will feel good up his straight pussy tonight but for now I start to slowly stroking my shaft feeling the cum bubble in my balls and the precum leak from my head like a faucet. I hit the gas and speed faster home still stroking my cock lolitas 100 top sites I can see the pup's nipples thru his shirt now fuck I want to bite and chew on them so bad. Within a few miles to my house I blow my biggest load of the week I let it dry into my hair and replaced the cod and zipped up (pup can lick that later)I decide not to start fucking with the pup just yet want to get him home and trusting me a bit more then the teen video lolita girls fun will start.I wake up with a lurch as the truck stopped in front of what I assume is the guys house pretty big two story with a massive built on garage later I learned it was also his shop "welcome to my lolitas preteen nn upskirt home pup" I heard him say still groggy I noticed I was soaked to the bone in sweat "umm thanks" I said wincing from my dry trough"Looks like u pissed all over yourself pup" the guy said with a grin " you're not from around here are you" "I'm from Ohio family moved a few years ago been trying to get use to this heat" lolitas net colegialas tetas he looked pleased with my last comment "well u will someday pup" he said getting out of the truck I followed him up to the door leading to the garage when he stopped me "no pups allowed in house unless your house broken" he grinned and walked inside I stood there with a dump struck look of who the he'll he think he is telling me that "here boy use this there's a washing machine and dryer in the lolitas bbs nude pics garage u can clean yourself beautiful preteen lolita models up with the shower in there as well" he said before closing the door.I walk over to the garage and find the door unlocked I push it open the sight I'm met with both turned my stomach and made my dick do back flips.  There was everything I had ever dreamed about in here row apon row of dildos, plugs, leather and rubber hoods, cat suits in both, spandex, lycra outfits, sports uniforms, every type of bondage you can think of was either sitting around or young lolita gallery hanging from a chain bolted in the roof.I was in a bondage pigs heaven, I could not get out of my clothes fast enough as I found the washier I stuffed them all in and set the cycle to take the most time, I knew it was wrong but I could not help myself I went to the items on the wall and started to explore.(I have this pup right where I want can't wait to see what he thinks of my workshop) I nymphets dark collections lolitas thought after handing him a towel at the front door I bolted the house door and remote unlocked my play room.  God I'm so happy I set up cameras in there I watched the little lolitas galery nud pup look with open mouth and saw his wet shorts tent out they almost ripped.  I knew what he was going to do them all does it start playing with my toys till I catch them. I love the look on their faces when I come in dressed in my cat suite and find them with their paws all over my toysI couldn't help it this pup was so damn hot I popes open the cod piece and stroked off to his exploring "looks like he's in love with my sports uniforms" I tell myself grinningA few hrs later"WHAT THE FUCK" I screamed at the pup as I enter thru the side door from my house. "How dare you go thru my toys you ungrateful BITCH" I yelled he was so scared I saw him force himself not to shit himself. "I uh uh sorry Sir I just couldn't help it never saw much of this stuff before" I stammered trying to stay brave in the face of this wall of a man.  "And that means you can touch my stuff pup" he came closer when I say what he was wearing my dick jumped back to attentionThere he was in a shortie cat suite no arms coming down to his knees made of cobalt blue and black lycra it looked way to small for a man his size he was nearly busting thru the seams what drew my attention the most was the massive cod piece he had on was in the shape of a jock cup but bigger he must be massively endowed"let me get this straight I invite you back to my home think about helping you fix your car maybe even offer you a job to help pay for it and you repay me by messing with my toy.  You are going to pay pup" he said coming closer I was so scared I ran for the door I reached it and found that there was no handle on this side I pushed no go.  "you dump ass pup that door don't open from this side" he said evilly grinning "and don't u need these first boy" he was over at the washing machine holding up thumbnail gallery post lolita my clothes "please Sir I'm sorry I messed with your stuff please can I have my clothes back" I begged.He looked at me with a smirk and dropped my clothes into a trash can next to the machine "umm NO" he said as he threw a match into the can setting my only set of clothes I had on fire "NO" I screamed running up to the can."Got yea bitch" he screamed in my ear as I felt his massive hand close around my neck. I struggle to get free screaming for him to let me go, but it all failed I was trapped no door out no clothes and now he foyza bbs lol sven's has me by the scruff of the neck."I'm going to teach u a lesion about not touching what don't belong to you, MY little puppy" he said cp lolita home pre as he frog marched me over to the fuck bench amazing how much it looks like a saw bourseI was tied down tight leather restraints secured every part of me next he took what felt like hemp rope (it was very itchy) tying my balls tight in there sack then secured the end of the rope to a pulley above my head with a bucket at the end letting his massive cock out he pissed in it then turned on a pree teen lolitas nude water tap letting the bucket fill.  It was pulling my balls with every drop I moaned and whimpered the pain was starting to build."alright bitch, You ready for your first lesson" I layed there trying to concentrate on not crying lolita bear hug mpg my balls hurt so much but I was dripping precum like a faucet.  I moaned softly trying to answer him but could not.  "Oh so bitch isn't going to answer his Master, that going to cost you pup" next I felt a sting I'd never felt before "1 down 29 to go pup" he yelled out.  (Fuck that hurt) did he just say 29 I'm going to die on this bench. The blows rained down one after the other I lost count between the pain of the now full bucket of water and the paddling I was getting I could not hear him any more "30, alight pup that's enough for now, that ass of yours is so nice and red I can see the bucket is full do u want Master to empty it for you" he said with an evil grin. I could not even speak I was fighting back the tears his massive arms delivered such forcefully blows I thought I was broken in half."Alright pup since u did well during your punishment I'll board3 models lola bbs empty it for yea" with that he tipped to bucket over spilling the water over the floor in front of me. "time for Master to breed and mark his puppy don't need u getting away" he unsnapped his cod piece releasing his 9" rock solid cock I gulped at the thought of it going up my ass.He walked in front of me and said one word "SUCK" I knew better then to disobey I did not want another flogging, I opened my mouth and he shoved it in so fast I could not keep top lolitas free pics up and gagged on his cock."shut up bitch" he kept sliding in and out of my mouth his cock was covered in flim and spit "alright boy you really to get breed and marked as my dog forever" as he finished saying that it struck me that I'd never be free again this psycho was going to kidnap and enslave me till I die I admit it had always been a dream but just that a fantasy top site little lolita never thought it could really happen, I was distracted by my thoughts when I felt a searing pain in my ass as he shoved in balls deep with the first push.  "AWWWW" I screamed as his piston fucked me in and out leaving completely then pushing all the way in again I was crying and screaming "Stop" as he kept up the pace.Pup part 2 several days later It was quit in the play room when I walked in the pup still had not woken up from his nap yet (well being drugged for two days to complete his transformation helped), I walk over to the sleeping puppy tied spread eagle on the Andrews cross "my my need to change your bandages again" I say to know one in particular I remove the bandages from his neck and see the implant scar looks great so small I can barely notice it. When I hear a low moan from pups through, and see him start to wiggle his toes and fingers. I stand in front of him and gently twist his newly pierced nipples to wake him from his slumber. (Ouch, what the hell hurts so such), I thought as I came to the last thing I remember was being raped by that fucker who towed my car, (what had he done to me) I thought I tried to speak but all that came out was grunts and a growls "grrrrrrr". What has he done my ass still hurts my dick and balls ache my chest is sore and my head is spinning. Why can't I move? Why can't I see, or speak? I hear my ls island board lolita pup growl for the first time and god it turns me on ill have to treat my pup to a fucking later. First it's time to get him ready for the day "pup" I speak into his ear "are you ready to get your day started" "GRRRRRRRRRR" is his response "I'll take that as a yes pup". (What does he mean lolita almost nude models start my day I just want to go back home to Houston) I struggle lola teen pics gallery against my bonds and feel him twist my nipple hard I howl in pain and stop moving around, but the pain still continues. "Now pup don't move or I will have to punish you again, you remember your spanking you want that again pup?" he says in my ear I shiver and shake my head as much as I can from side to side. "Good boy" he says as he rubs my head then I feel it all my hair save a thin strip down the middle is gone this ass gave me a Mohawk. "now boy I am going to untie you know you move so much as an inch away from me and I will beat you till you pass out" he said in my ear as he untied my arms and legs form the frame "step down pup" after stepping off what I was on lolita asian angel galleries I felt my balls pull down and my cock was heavy my ass was full with what I thought was a plug it was very big and uncomfortable I could feel it pushing on my cologne and intestine I whimper in pain when he notices "awww poor pup you finally feel you new additions" in that moment he unties my blind fold and I'm standing in front of a full length mirror. (What the fuck has he done to me?) I thought when I saw myself I wanted to break down and cry I realized why everything hurt on me my chest had been tattooed over my left nipple was a barcode about two inches high three inches long over my right nipple was the word "SPARKY" in old English style letters, each nipple had a one inch silver ring hanging from them and they were both bright red and tender I could tell they had recently been pierced. As I looked further down I could see more tattoos free lolita model site various paw mark tattoos and claw marks up and down my arms and belly even my belly button had a ring. Then the worst thing of all my balls where strained and bright red hanging at the bottom of a stainless steel ball ring I could feel the weight and my balls hurt a little higher I could see or more precisely couldn't see my cock all that was there was a metal shaft curved down connected to the ball weight. "Awww I see you have noticed your new improvements pup" he said softly. "they are there to please me and some to help you be a good boy" as he fondles my trapped balls I whimper and pull underground lil lolita pics away "now now sparky don't do that or you will be punished" a click and I'm at the end of a heavy leash attached to a wide metal collar around my neck I raise my hands to feel it noting there is no latch or lock "that will never come off pup I wielded it on myself" I was tugged along the cold floor I could feel a weird sensation from my ass and caught a glimpse of a black rubber tail sticking lolitas preteen photos underweare out of the plug. As we walked across the room he started talking about loli nude toplist underground my new life as he called it "ok pup you now belong to me I have spent time and money branding and breeding you from what you told me you where looking for a job well now you have one but sadly it pays in bondage and my hot man seed and you can leave...ever. You'll note that your little cock is in a chastity cage you are now my dog boy and dogs don't jack off they hump legs and trees that will be the only two ways you preteen loli nude galleries will be allowed to cum once you earn the removal of the cage, and that not for a long time. The weights on your balls are permanent and will be increased as lolitas preteens 14 15 I see fit, you have also been microchip just like a real dog so I can track you 24/7/365 you will never get away Sparky" We come to a metal door lolitas wearing thongs pics when it all hits me I will never see my family again my friends no one knows where I'm at lolita nymphet angel porn who I'm with I'm a prisoner falling to my knees I loli under 13 nude start magic teen board lolita crying uncontrollably trying to yell and curse him but only emitting growls and whimpers. "aw yes one last thing I have only paralyzed your voice you will have it back after you learn your place" he said kneeling down he gives me a hug not something I expected from this man but I felt deep down he was warm at heart why else would he do this???? "Come on boy I know it's a lot to take in at once but I'm not a total ass you're my boy I have trained total slaves for hardcore preteen lolita fucking years have been waiting for you for years you are just what I want in a pup" he held me tighter trying to stop me from crying "I'll cherish you, love you, care for you all I ask in return is your complete respect and to follow every order" he forces up my head to look me in the eye "I'm your Master and owner but ill care for you as your daddy, maybe someday you will grow into my partner and help me train slaves" I kept crying I just wanted to go home (what is this guy talking about I don't need a Master or daddy I want my freedom) He stands up and pulls on the leash" come on Sparky I have a treat for you in the house but you have to stop crying and walk in like a big dog" he pulls one last time I still sit there crying "alright pup no treat for you and your spending the night in here when you want to come in to the nice warm house with your daddy bark twice" with that he slammed the door lolicon cartoon nude 12y shut and I heard a lock slam shut and the air turn on it was going to be a cold night ...Pup3 It was a cold night in the play room. The asshole had turned on the air to full blast all indian lolita picture gallery night. I had to shiver under a leather straight jacket to keep from young lolita pussy galery freezing to death. I tried all night to remove the weights on my balls or the collar anything this psycho did to me, but by the end of the night I had fallen asleep. Thought I would have a better chance if I could ambush the guy in the morning."aww, he's so cute trying to stay warm under that straight jacket guess sparky has picked out his first bondage experience" the Master said aloud to know one as he was the only one in the house at the moment, having an empty kennel at the moment as all his trained slaves had been sold and shipped out."wip wip grrrrr" came from the monitor the screen should a vary comical site on the floor under the leather straight jacket the pup sparky was twitching and growling in his sleep "looks like sparkys dreaming, wonder what's going in the little head of his"SPARKYS DREAMSuddenly a car came out of nowhere I ran for it screaming "No No, Dad best lolitas cp sites don't leave" over and over I screamed super child models loli bit the car just kept driving. I ran after it with all my might, but I was being held back by a women's arm it was my mother she was stopping me from chasing the car. "WHY WHY did you stop me" I yelled at her before she could answer a bright light true lolitas models nude appear and she vanished. The smell of grass and warm summer breeze brushed across my face as a soccer ball appeared I was in the middle of the big game my team versus my big brothers we where wining when I saw out the corner of my eye my brother coming straight at me with evil in his eye. I went to run and kick the ball in to thee goal to win, but he was too fast for me he caught up to me and managed to rip apart my shorts leaving me standing in my jock in front of all my friends "I'll kill you for this" I screamed at him then it vanished again the sound of a gabble pounding down " it's settled guardian ship of the boys goes to their grandmother" I heard the judge say " alright if I have to take the brats they will eat me out of house and home your honor the little one more than the other"Back in the play roomThe Master stood over the pup towering over with his huge muscles fighting to break thru the bright red under armor shirt he wore two sizes to small on purpose his crotch was twitching in the jockstrap and hard cup he wore under the full padded football game pants matching the red shirt he wore."All right pup time to get your day starts" the Master said as he nudged sparky on the side with his cleats. With a start the pup woke looking up at first only seeing a big red man then it cleared and he saw who it was. "Sparky today is your first day of training it will be hard and long, but if you're good you will get to sleep with me in the house to night"Sparky thought to home self what an pre teen lolita stories ass hole thinking he can train me to be his slave after kidnapping me I'm going to get this ass one way or another. Then he started to remember his dream about his family or lack thereof. (why did I break down last night and cry over my family they all hated me and what friends I had stopped talking to me long ago) he looks at the man in skintight gear so big and strong looking he was attracted to him who wouldn't be he must be 6'6 white russian sex lolita at least and from the way his truck moaned when he stepped out I'd guess 400 lbs of muscle.While sparky was going thru his emotions it gave the Master time to walk over to the wall and pull down a bright blue and black leash like the kind you'd see a dog have and a pair of high grade knee pads (these will do for now till I figure out if he's to stay on all fours 24/7) the Master thought as he walked back over to his pup.Sparky sat up on his knees as the plug was still buried deep in his hole. "Wwwhhhaattt" Sparky managed to get out before his voice cracked, (what was that my voice is returning the bastard didn't lie to me about that) Sparky thought to himself to scared to try underground preteen lolita portal and say anything elseAs the Master returned to his pet exnovias infieles lolitas mpg he heard the word he tried to say and smiled lolita tit girl gallery to himself "well it seems the pup is learning to speak again" he said to sparky as he approached with the leash and kneepads rubbing the nude head of his pup. "Alright boy time for you to explore your new home, you will be on all fours till I say otherwise" he spoke to sparky as he kneeled down the seams in his shirt and pants straining to stay together. "Here pup I'm letting you have these knee pads cause I don't want you hurting your knees on the floor" he lolita preteen model pictures spoke to sparky lolita ass fuck pic as he strapped them on.The crotch of Masters Pants twitched as he clicked on the leash his boy. He gave the leash a short tug "here boy" he sweetest lolita boys nude said with a grinHaving no other choice Sparky got on to his knees and followed along. "Grrrr wwwhhhaaa" sparky got out before being tugged by the leash he wanted to ask what he was planning for him."Come on boy I don't want to stay out here all day at least not today" the Master said as he pulled the leash once inside the door he shut and bolted it closed behind pup. "There will be no going to the playroom without me boy you understand?" he asked Sparky all the poor up could do was shake his head yes why would he ever want to go in there again his only concern was escape at that moment.Noting the slack on the leash Sparky made a run for the living room. He made it to the front door when he noticed the three large dead bolts all with keys missing "stupid mutt you looking for these" the keys jingled in the Masters hand "come on boy I knew you would try that so I'm not young kiddy lolita tgp going to punish you this time but try it again and your ass will be red and bruised for a month" he said after getting the leash back into his handsHe guided sparky over to an overstuffed couch where he sat down the springs creek with his mass "ahh Sparky your making me so fucking horny" he whispered to the pup as he attached the leash to a bolt under the couch he saw a tug as the pup tried to get away seeing how far his leash would allow only a few feet away from the feet of his new owner.Feeling the hardness of his cock trapped inside the jock and uniform pants. Feeling though he can't take it any free underage lolita tgp longer he reached up and started to unlace the string on his pants as he pulled them down his euro loli preteen pics massive 9" cock exploded out of his jock leaking precum like a faucet he took the hard cum from the pouch and brought it up to his nose little lolitas porn free taking a big wiff "god puppy you are getting me horny already I can tell your going to lolitas little girls toplist make me one happy daddy." He said twisting his nipple slowly stroking his cock "get over here and suck my dick Sparky" he bellowed in a firm voice sparky looked at him in disgust all though deep down he really wanted to taste this massive mans cock he knew he needed to resist show him he will don't be his dog "grrrrrr no" sparky managed to get out when suddenly the leash was pulled and his face was smashed into the Masters crotch. "whimpers" came from the dog asian lolita girl gallary as his dick started to get hard in his cage the russian child model lolita Master knew then that he was winning the pup was getting hard at his smell "come on boy it's your treat, you finish this bone and you get fed tonight" the Master said as he guided the pups muzzle onto his bone. He could not hold on long "AWWWW FUCK SPARKY SUCK MY DICK" he growled when he grabbed the small patch of Mohawk and raped his dogs thought for the first time feeling his cum boil in his nuts "AWWW FUCK BOY YOU READY TO GET YOUR TREAT" he exploded into his mouth sending gallons of cum into his boy seeing it leak out of his mouth."Good boy" he said twisting sparkys nipples as he came down from his high "time for your dinner then we can cuddle on the couch tonight if your good" said the Master as he got up he noticed a large wet patch on the carpet under Sparkys trapped knot. "Awww looks like the boy enjoyed himself more then he let little girls rape lolita on" leading sparky into the kitchen sparky saw free lolita russian thumbs for the first time a set of matching dog bowls about a foot off the floor resting on a stand made for dogs to eat easier on each was written "Sparky" in big bold letters on one under his name was new bbs net lolitas "food" on the other was written something he did not like the word "liquid?" was written the question mark made him worry just what would he be made to drink."Alright boy you're a little chunky for me but your still the hottest slave I've had thru here in years" he told sparky as he dumped a can of food lolitas erotic stories bbs into the food bowl. "So you're going on a strict diet starting now you won't get regular food till you drop some of that belly this is lolita free top list not dog food I'm not crazy boy it's a special diet made for slaves me and a few of my preteen little lolita magic fellow Masters came up with for boys who need to lose a little weight like you" taking a bottle of water he emptied it into the other bowl and snapped his fingers for Sparky russian lols cp girls to start eating.The food tasted horrible, but he had a feeling he'd better eat it all or would not like what happened after. video collections lolitas jpg "Good boy" as he scratched the pups ears "drink all the water then we can watch a movie together on the couch"After Sparky drank his water the Master led him back to the couch and attached the leash again to the bolt under the floor taking his place by the arm "come on boy" he said slapping the couch next to him not needing a second call Sparky crawled up on the couch as far from the guy as possible, "nice try pup" he laughed as he pulled the him closer and forced Sparky to rest his head on his lap inched from his still wet cock "if I get hard boy you better take care of it every time tonight" he mentioned as he flipped on the TV.Sparky blew the man off 6 more times thru out the day and night while they watched several porn's and to his surprise a Disney movie or two. Having not had a good night's sleep the night before sparky was thankful when the Master lolita top pthc bbs fell asleep on the couch with his arms wrapped around the pup. Deep down Sparky loved this treat meant the alone time watching the movie cuddling the man that kidnapped him gave him time to think ls home lolita forum of the dream he had about his rotten child hood, why had he broken down and cried like that it's what he had always dreamed of being with a man father figure for once he had missed his daddy every since he left when he was 4. For some strange reason he felt more happy then he had been in a long time today.Pup 4 In the early dawn hours before the sun rose the pup was wide awake his bladder was full and his guts near capacity he need a restroom bad but did lolita model links hairless not want to wake the asshole up he was sound asleep still on the couch in his football gear from the night before now that he was not tormenting the boy sparky finally got a good look at him and he thought "well for a kidnapping SOB he's actually very cute" sparky thought as he scanned the man from his shiny bald head stopped to see the neatly trimmed salt and pepper goatee over which was a nose ring just like his but a lot smaller, next he looked down his massive chest stretching the red under armor shirt to form a second skin almost he was entranced by his chest Moving up and down with his heavy breathing as he slept. "what am I thinking this guy kidnapped me and forcible altered my body" of which sparky was just painfully been reminded as his cock tried to get hard in its metal tube this massive man may have been a kidnapped but deep down sparky knew he was loving everything the man did to him.  Finally as the sun rose up and shined bright in the windows of the room sparky could hold it no more deciding on wakening him gently he nudged him in the arm model lolita 15 years with his mitt covered hand "Sir, I need to use the rest room" he whispered in the man's ear sparkys voice finally came back but with limited volume. The Master stirred in his sleep still not awake sparky shook him gently trying to get his attention "Sir, Sir, I really have to go" he said to the Master again this time it worked and he was girl loli r ygold opening his eyes to the sight of his new puppy boys pleading eyes knowing full well what he needed having on purpose not allowed him a chance to relieve himself. "hey sparky" the Master said with a grin scratching the dogs head "you sleep well boy?" he asked half joking knowing the boy would have been up all night with bladder and bowl pain. "Yes Sir but I really have to piss and shit can you please let me go" sparky said with pleading eyes looking directly at the man "Sparky you forget what you are now you're a dog and dogs don't get to use the restroom, they get to go out for walkies" the master said as he un-hooked the leash from the floor and tied up his own hard cock back into his padded pants. "Come 3d lolicon cp pics on boy time for your first lesion in your new life" he said as his half walked half dragged the boy outside to the back yard. As they stepped outside sparky herd the door being shut and locked (god this guys paranoid) he thought as he crawled in front of the man what he saw took his breath away a very neatly groomed yard about two acres in size walled off by at least a six foot stone wall inside where areas of different equipment a st. Andrews cross a fucking bench, whipping post and a few empty wooden frame with leather cuffs on each corner in the far corner he saw a smaller caged  area with a large dog house in the rear. The Master looked at his dog and saw what he was looking at " that's right boy I host get together here on the weekends big BBQ lots of bondage and SM that area you see in the back is your privet space I built that years ago for just the right dog and that's you when I'm not in need or during a party you're not being used I'll stick you in there and your free to do as you please in that cage no one but me has the key so no one will bother you." He told sparky as he walked him off to the side yard "this is your area to make boy you piss and shit in that hole it goes right to the septic system no flushing needed when go mini teen lolita nude ahead and try it" he said to the dog. "come here pup" he snapped his fingers for sparky to sit in front of him "if you want to use it you have to come here so I can take off the plug" that was more than sparky needed to hear he sat in front of the Master ass in the air within a seconds of his statement ( thank god he's taking it out god knows how long I've had this plug in my ass is sore and numb) sparky thought as the Master reached down and in one form motion pulled the average size plug from sparkys rear with an audible sigh of relief from the boy "don't get use to little lolita nude sites it doggy you will be wearing a plug at least 20 hrs a day the only times it will be out is the twice a day I allow you to use it and whenever I want to use that hole of yours boy" the Master said putting the plug on a self above the open hole "now squat and do your business" Master said sparky had been in so much pain he did not care if nude lolita angel models he was being watched he squatted low over the hole and with a loud explosion of gas he let his bowls go at the same time pissing from the small hole at the head of his chastity belt he was in doggy heaven "hurry up boy I can't stay out here all day you have 5 mins to use it" he urged the pup on. When he was finished sparky did not know how or what he was going to clean himself on "sir, how do I wipe" he asked still in a low voice. "Hmmm guess my doggy has to finish up "Come here doggie" the Master said in a friendly voice that took sparky by surprise.  He was pointing to a strange object pointing out of the house at about the same height as sparkys ass "this is how good boys and dogs clean up after they shit" he said pointing to the faucet type thing.  He pushed with both hands on the sides near the base of the 6" long metal tube a jet of water shot from the tip. "See boy now turn around and back up on to it will turn on once you have gone down on it far enough" he said again in that friendly manor sparky did not have much lolitas pretee photo gallery choice so he did as he was told and started to back his ass up onto the nozzle it was cold and Rigged in his ass "it hurts Sir" sparky whispered stopping after going down 3 inches " come on boy it's the only way you can get clean if you don't I will have to punish you" sparky involuntarily shivered in fear and kept pushing finally reaching the trigger "GOOD BOY" the Master said scratching the dogs ears as sparky felt his guts fill with cold tap water. "I want you good and clean at all times pup so you must do this after each shit at least 3 time counting to two mins while the water fills you up" the Master said in a fatherly tone while rubbing sparkys full belly. It took sparky nearly 20mins to complete this as after the first enema he was reluctant to impale himself again so the Master in his best fatherly manor got him back on the machine not wanting to scar the dog Master lolita pics of preteens had a plan to make him truly loved by sparky get him to see everything's for a reason. As sparky was finishing up his last enema the masters phone rang with a start sparky had not seen or even herd one the whole time he was there. "Don't be scared sparks, it's just my phone" he showed pup as he answered it "hello Steve's dungeon and training" he said lolita top 12 y re attaching the pups lead "yes I do full survive training and breaking of boys, pups, and slaves." he said causally into the phone sparky listening to every word (at least I know his name now) sparky thought starting to tiny 12yo lola naked move along with the leash "hmmm well I'm in a training session right now this weekend I'm holding a get together at my place if you bring the boy around I'm sure I can help e will talk price then" Steve said before hanging up the phone," well pup I have to go out, and I can't trust you to be roaming around alone yet" Steve said leading sparky to the large play room half dragging half leading. He unlocked the door to the play area (ok I'm going to be out for most of the night what would russian lolita blow job he enjoy for around 12hrs) Steve thought deciding on the spanking bench but first he thought sparky needed a few things.  Locking the leash to lolita s underage sites the middle bolt in the floor Steve walked over and brought back two arm fills of rubber leather and spandex gear for a man of his size it was a lot of stuff.  Sparky tried to get free as he knew what was about to happen before Steve could say anything. "come here boy or ranchi nymphette lolita pedo you will be punished" Steve said as he pulled up a chair in front of the bolt and bent sparky over his knee taking out little lolita pic galleries the tail plug and replacing it with a large stainless steel plug with wires at the end causing sparky to scream and moan in pain "easy boy it's all over it's in" Steve said rubbing his pups round ass check. Next sparky was flipped over by the strength of his master and was now belly up on his lap "let's get those lill tits of yours wired up and you will be ready to get dressed" he told the dog rubbing his belly causing involuntary leg shaking. After securing large sticky electrodes to sparky tits and connected wires to the metal ball and chastity unit Steve used a piece of tape to tie the wires to sparkys leg handing him a pair of heavy duty spandex shorts "put these on pup and make sure the wires go thru the leg" lolita preteen hard core Steve said getting out the next item for sparky to wear. "Here dog put this on" he said shoving a one piece rubber cat suit. As sparky was managing the suite Master Steve walked behind leading the wires thru the back zip assuring they get thru. (god I hate him but all this gear is getting me fucking hot) sparky thought to himself standing there trying not to whimper from the pain he felt in his crotch his cock wanting so badly to be hard and touched. lolita mpegs old man "alright boy finally layer then I'll put you up for the night" Steve said picking up a leather nude lolitas no tits muzzle locking it tight on sparkys head cutting off his ability to speak, "just a few locks and your almost set" Steve looks at sparky straight in the face with a grin that a proud papa would have given his son. The final layer of sparkys torment for the night was a complete leather body suite with black out hood and feet, hand coverings once sparky was inside the suite Steve made sure the wires where all thru the ass zip before securing his dog to the fuck bench for the night making sure he was fully restrained adding pad locks to the buckles feeling that his boy was good and safe he spoke to sparky thru the layers. "ok boy I have to go out for the night meet a few friends and get supplies for this weekend's party I'm sure you will be safe and happy here I have attached latin lolita preteen nudists three different e-stem boxes to your wires one for each area so you will be kept busy, I will set them all to random so you never know what 100 free lolita pics is coming I hope you enjoy what's to come I know I will" Steve said walking out of the room hearing his dog whimper and moan thru the layers of bondage he will have to watch the tape (a moaning puppy is the hottest thing ever) lolita school uniform tgp he thought shutting the door and locking it shut. Sparky moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure for hours that night not knowing where Steve was or when he would come back the stimulation of his ass and balls was making his little cock leak a steam of precum he could feel pooling under his balls. (When will this guy get back I'm going crazy) he thought the 12 hrs passed slow the power box was set to random on different settings for each set it was a very long night for him.
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